Download ResStock

There are two options for downloading ResStock:

  1. download a released version
  2. clone the repository

For the first option, go to the releases page on GitHub and select a release. Note the OpenStudio version requirements associated with each version of ResStock. For example, ResStock v2.4.0 requires that you have OpenStudio v2.9.0 installed.

For the second option, you will need to have Git or some other Git-based tool installed. Cloning the ResStock repository gives you access to the develop branch of ResStock. The develop branch is under active development.

Install OpenStudio

Download the version of OpenStudio software (corresponding to the ResStock version that has been selected) from the OpenStudio developer website.

Developer instructions

If you will be developing residential measures and testing residential building models, see the Advanced Tutorial. If you are a developer, make sure that you have checked out the develop branch of the repository.