Run the Project

Run using buildstockbatch

See the buildstockbatch documentation for information on running projects (large-scale).

Run locally

You also have the option of running (small-scale) projects using the OpenStudio Command Line Interface (CLI).


If the openstudio command is not found, it’s because the executable is not in your PATH. Either add the executable to your PATH or point directly to the executable found in the openstudio-X.X.X/bin directory.

Call the OpenStudio CLI with the provided workflow/run_analysis.rb script. For example: openstudio workflow/run_analysis.rb -y project_testing/testing_baseline.yml The previous command samples from project_testing and runs simulations using baseline workflows generated from the specified yml file. An “output directory” (as specified in the yml file) is created with all measures.osw files, optional measures-upgrade.osw files, and simulation results.

You can also request that only measures are applied (i.e., no simulations are run) using the --measures_only flag. For example: openstudio workflow/run_analysis.rb -y project_testing/testing_baseline.yml -m

Run openstudio workflow/run_analysis.rb -h to see all available commands/arguments:

$ openstudio workflow/run_analysis.rb -h
Usage: run_analysis.rb -y buildstockbatch.yml
 e.g., run_analysis.rb -y national_baseline.yml
    -y, --yml <FILE>                 YML file
    -n, --threads N                  Number of parallel simulations (defaults to processor count)
    -m, --measures_only              Only run the OpenStudio and EnergyPlus measures
    -h, --help                       Display help
    -v, --version                    Display version


At this time the residential_quota_downselect sampler with resample is not supported.