Options Lookup

The options_lookup.tsv file, found in the resources folder, specifies mappings from sampled options into measure arguments. For example, if the distribution of cooling system types in HVAC System Cooling.tsv has Option=AC, SEER 13 and Option=AC, SEER 15, but you want to include a Option=AC, SEER 17 option, you would add that option as a column in HVAC System Cooling.tsv and then create a corresponding row in options_lookup.tsv. Updates to this file will allow you to avoid hitting the following types of integrity check errors:

Could not find parameter and option

You do not have a row in options_lookup.tsv for a particular option that is sampled.

An example of this error is given below:


Required argument not provided

For the particular option that is sampled, your corresponding measure is missing an argument value assignment.

An example of this error is given below: