Updating Projects

Once you have successfully run the rake tests described in Rake Tasks, you are ready to update your PAT project(s) and run ResStock analyses.

Because copying residential files from the OpenStudio-BEopt may have resulted in discrepancies between top-level measures and project-level measures, you will need to:

Once these two items have been completed, you are ready to start an AWS server and run your project. (See Run the Project on Amazon Web Services for more information.) Datapoint failures may be dealt with using instructions found in Debugging.

Check for Updates

You want project-level measures to be up-to-date with top-level measures (measures found in <project_name>/measures vs. those found in the top-level measures folder). To ensure this, click the blue “Check for Updates” button on the Measures Selection tab:


Then select any icons that appear in the Update column, as in the following example:


Click “Update Project” after each icon click. Click “OK” when done.

Refresh Outputs

If you made changes to either the Building Characteristics Report or Simulation Output Report measures, you will need to make updates on the Outputs tab. To do this remove the measure(s) from the project and re-add them, making sure they occupy the original position in the workflow order.

If you added or renamed any housing_characteristics tsv files, you will additionally need to make a change (e.g., add a whitepace) to measure.rb of Building Characteristics Report. Then navigate to the Outputs tab, select the measure(s) you’ve re-added, and then choose the outputs to include. Click “OK” when done. These outputs will be included in the summary results csv file.