Running Tasks

Run openstudio tasks.rb to see available task commands:

$ openstudio tasks.rb
ERROR: Missing command.
Usage: openstudio tasks.rb [COMMAND]

Update Measures

Use openstudio tasks.rb update_measures to apply rubocop auto-correct to measures, and to update measure.xml files:

$ openstudio tasks.rb update_measures
Applying rubocop auto-correct to measures...
Running RuboCop...

91 files inspected, no offenses detected
Updating measure.xmls...

Update Resources

Use openstudio tasks.rb update_resources to update files in resources/hpxml-measures with the latest version of OpenStudio-HPXML.

$ openstudio tasks.rb update_resources
remote: Enumerating objects: 188817, done.
remote: Counting objects: 100% (15305/15305), done.
 * branch                    master     -> FETCH_HEAD
Merge made by the 'ort' strategy.

Integrity Checks

Run openstudio tasks.rb integrity_check_<project_name>, where <project_name> matches the project you are working with. If no task exists for the project you are working with, extend the list of integrity check tasks to accommodate your project by modifying the tasks.rb file. An example for running a project’s integrity checks is given below:

$ openstudio tasks.rb integrity_check_national
Checking for issues with project_national/Location Region...
Checking for issues with project_national/Location EPW...
Checking for issues with project_national/Vintage...
Checking for issues with project_national/Heating Fuel...
Checking for issues with project_national/Usage Level...

If the integrity check for a given project fails, you will need to update either your tsv files and/or the resources/options_lookup.tsv file. See Options Lookup for information about the options_lookup.tsv file.

Download Weather

Run openstudio tasks.rb download_weather to download available EPW weather files:

$ openstudio tasks.rb download_weather
Downloading /files/156/ (  1%)
Downloading /files/156/ (  2%)
Downloading /files/156/ (  3%)


Once you have completed instructions found in Installer Setup, you can then use the Rakefile contained at the top level of this repository. You can run rake task(s) for performing integrity checks on project inputs as well as executing various tests.

Run rake -T to see the list of possible rake tasks. The -T is replaced with the chosen task.

$ rake -T
rake unit_tests:integrity_check_tests     # Run tests for integrity_check_t...
rake unit_tests:measure_tests             # Run tests for measure_tests
rake unit_tests:project_integrity_checks  # Run tests for project_integrity...
rake workflow:analysis_tests              # Run tests for analysis_tests